Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Beckham bares all.... (Again)

Romeo Beckham may have bagged himself the Burberry campaign but it comes as no surprise that when David Beckham became the face (or ass) of H&M bodywear that the ad commercial would be something that could rival any Designer underwear brand. This short film was directed by British Director, Guy Ritchie and consists of Beckham conviently losing his bathrobe in the door of his Range Rover after kissing goodbye to his children. The commercial not only shows Beckham as the wholesome family man he is, but also shows him having to chase his bathrobe in a number of heroic and breathtaking stunts - wishing for him to never reclaim his robe my breath was certainly taken!! His athletic torso and firm behind will undoubtebly make these otherwise bland trunks H&Ms bestsellers.

Watch it here:

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