Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Bey lit-up the Superbowl XL VII half time show

It comes as no surprise that the only reason I watched the annual Super Bowl this year was not for the grizzly quarter-backs, but for rumours that Beyonce would be reunited with her Destiny's Childs in the infamous half time performance. Following a temporary black out, Beyonce's Bootylicious silhouette lit up the stage (pardon the pun) as she opened the show with her early hit "Crazy in Love".

Her energetic and electrifying performance was just weeks after Beyonce was criticised for lip-syncing at President Obama's inauguration. However Bey proved her talents in this completely live performance which lasted around ten minutes, and then...

'Kelly, can you handle this, Michelle, can you handle this, Beyonce, can you handle this...' - I couldn't handle myself by this point!! Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, former Destiny's Child members were launched onto stage to join Bey in a montage of Destiny classics and special rendition of Single Ladies (Put a ring on it). 

Despite being in the shadow of the fierce mum sensation, the girls reminisced in the Destiny days, with matching leather outfits and choreography. I found myself reverting back to my 15 year old self as I flipped my hair and dutty wine around my living room. 

Don't just take my word for it.. To watch the performance for yourself:

The performance conveniently fell in time with the press release of Beyonce's 'The Mrs Carter' UK tour later this year, which will no doubt be a sell out - kudos to the Knowles/Carter PR team for that one!!

I am not only speaking on behalf of myself when I say Beyonce was the only Superstar of the Super Bowl XL VII.

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