Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Man's greatest downfall (Since Adam) - The Sweater Vest

I watched Project X for the first time last night, and despite its ridiculously fabricated storyline of topless chicks and fire shooting drug dealers, there was one thing that particularly made my skin crawl. THAT SWEATER VEST !!! Ironic that the blockbuster's 'Ladies Man' wore the staple Lady repeller...

What nut job decided that a sleeveless, V-neck knit was a good look?!

Made popular in the 90s with characters such as Carlton Banks and Chandler Bing donning a combination of polyester blends from the L.L. Bean A/W collection - this fashion faux pas should have remained on the golf courses it was inspired from. 

Then it got me thinking why anyone would waste money on half a sweater? - Is it a symbol of wealth, knowledge and bicep size.....? All plausible, yet distinctly idiotic reasons to invest. If this were a business pitch to the Dragons... I'm out. 

To say this tight knit blend of plaid and rustic colouring channels nostalgic British heritage, frankly is an insult to the Queen and her corgis. 

I think you need to have A LOT of character to pull off such a trend (if it can even be called such a thing..).

This fashion hazard should come with a warning label - unless you are Andre 3000 stay clear of the sweater vest!!

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