Friday, 5 April 2013


Oliver Sweeney was founded in 1989, and has since developed as one of Britain's leading fashion designers. The Oliver Sweeney shoe brand incorporates original handcrafted workmanship with natural modern flair. The brand speaks for your foot rather than following short-lived fashion trends, and has developed a shoe that is of high class, comfort and unavoidable authentic quality. 

I love the Oliver Sweeney brogue range, with a mix of traditional colours and patterns, as well as more elaborate and colourful designs. Each with their own custom personality and sharp attention to detail. 

The latest venture to pass through the Sweeney offices is the 'Sweeney Shoe Tattoo'. This innovative idea has truly set Oliver Sweeney above any other shoemaker. The impeccable care and detail that is put into each design makes each shoe special to its owner.

Since it's first feature in London's Selfridges, the Sweeney Shoe Tattoo has caused huge excitement in the shoe industry with customers wanting that special design, this really takes designer feet to the next level. 

The photo below is a custom design made for Gary Barlow during his X-Factor appearance last year, showing just what this brand can accomplish:

For more information about the Sweeney Shoe Tattoo and to submit your own requests, simple email designs to: 

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